Hello, we’re Syracusey, Syracuse with a “why”. We’re here to let you celebrate why you love all things Central New York. We’re cute, trendy, and are going to make you love the Central New York area as much as we do.  We started this venture to better the place we call home and get people to show the local love they already have.

When Syracusey was first created in late 2017, there wasn’t a storefront for CNY items; so in early 2018, we started designing products and building a business. Now the community can put their heart on their shoulder and show their love of home every day with apparel, housewares and more.

We’ve used our creative talents in the hope of building a stronger community.  When you see someone who shares the same interests as you, you connect and when you see someone from out of town represent their local love you ask what it’s all about. We let our designs and passions out so you can “bring it in”, creating a collective community, a sweeter travel destination, and a warmer place to live, even with all the snow.

This is also why we give back. We want our community to thrive and so with every purchase, we will give a percentage of our profits to the Central New York Food Bank, an organization that has provided the simplest of comforts to individuals in our area for years.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area and hope that we can make it that much better – one “Syracusey” way at a time. 

Syracusey Crew